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It will be easier to me to give you some links to Airlines/ price-compare-services than to write tables by hand.

So if you want to fly to Leyte (Tacloban Airport), have a look to the following links.
I do not know if this companies are good or bad, I don't have any relation to them and found them by chance!


Example: Frankfurt/Germany to Manila

and another company that offer flights (with/out hotel)
Manila -> Tacloban, 1 Adult, Oct & Nov 2017 in Pesos

Next was ""
I tested Los Angeles to Tacloban, 1 week, and got many results for about 1,500 US-$

Next offer by "ORBITZ"


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I don't have any partnership ("affiliate") with some company and I also do not get anything if you book "Skychanners" services (or others).
If it comes to this I will write it before clearly and I will chose a company with very good prices!!

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