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Welcome at leytetours.com,
the page with tips for your
vacation on the beautiful island
of Leyte, Philippines.


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The other travel guide.
I try to code some new features from April to June!

New: Pictures by Pexels
The "Guestbook" is deleted, it was abused by companies from India for their ads

Many thanks for the background picture Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels
Please share this site, we need many participants

If you have a store on Leyte, a cart at the market, a restaurant, tricycle service, cp repair...
you can make a free ad here!
Everyone is invited to send us pictures and infos (tourists with interesting stories from Leyte also).
The site is non-commercial, please no ads by big professional companies.
Leyte citicens are needed to support the site with pictures:
Show your island, give tips, make ads etc.
So the interested reader gets "first hand" information.

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Counter started Sep 19/2017:

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The more likes, the higher the reputation of the site:
It makes it easier to find us in search engines!
This non-profit site reports about Leyte Island!
Martin Pochner
Lange Str. 91
D-58089 Hagen
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